Small Business Startup Checklist

Can you layout in a step-by-step fashion, what you need to do to get the business off the ground and running? We are not talking about a written business plan here. We are talking about your ability to visualize the business being successful and the key steps you need to take to make it profitable.

Here is a valuable start-a-business checklist to help you get your new venture up and running with a minimum of hassle. This start-a-business checklist is not an exhaustive list of everything you need to do, but it will help to you visualize and control the major elements of starting a new business.

Here are steps to follow:

_Visualize your raw idea and mentally turn it into a whole business

_ Business plan

Executive Summary
Business Description
Market Analysis
Management Team
Critical Risks
Financial Projections

_ Marketing plan/analyze market and competition _ Set up office

Home office
Commercial office space

_ Create formal and/or informal team including…

Real estate agent
Independent insurance agent
Friends or relatives in a business
Local business association members
Trade association members

_ Develop a mentor relationship

Business person
Local business association
Trade association
Contact SCORE

_ Check on Permits & Licenses

Fire Permit
Business permit
City or county permits
Professional permits or licenses
Sales Tax (if needed)
Special licenses for your business
Professional permits

_ Establish a Legal Business Structure

C Corporation
Subchapter S Corporation
LLC Limited Liability Company
Sole Proprietorship

_ Register Works


_ Taxes & Registrations

Unemployment insurance
Workman’s Comp
Federal income tax
State income tax
City or local tax
Self-employment tax
Payroll tax
Federal Employee Identification Number
State Tax Identification Number
Sales Tax number (if needed)

_ Financial Focus

Raise capital for business
Establish a business bank account
Secure a business credit card
Establish business accounting system
Establishing line of credit for business
Create a Budget
Determine startup financial needs
Determine ongoing financial needs

_ Branding

Name of Company
Check name locally for use
Check name on Google
Check Trademark on Name
Tell you friends the name and have people say it out loud
Create Logo/Branding Information
Create letterhead, business cards, pre-printed invoices, sales brochure

_ Business Insurance

Check with insurance agent on your insurance needs
Health insurance
Liability insurance
Life insurance


_ Communications equipment

Cell phones/Blackberry

_ Office Furniture _ Office Fixtures _ Office Computers and other Hardware _ Business Software _ Business Inventory


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