Corporate Kit: Where to Purchase Corporate Kit and Corporate Seal?

Corporate Kit: Where to Purchase Corporate Kit and Corporate Seal?

You can purchase a corporate kit, stock certificates and corporate seal from a variety of online and local sources. How much you spend on the kit depends on your needs. The purpose of a corporate kit is to allow you to organize all of your corporate records and keep them in one place, which should be at your corporate headquarters office.

The kit typically includes:

Corporate binder with or without embossed corporate name
Tab dividers
Articles of incorporation
Corporate minutes
Stock transfer ledger
Stock certificates
Corporate bylaws

If the corporate kit is to sit proudly in the boardroom of your new office, then you will want a beautiful leather binder with an embossed corporate name. Typically, these deluxe kits come with a corporate seal. In today’s marketplace, you can also secure software with the kit and print your own stock certificates. You can also purchase corporate forms for the state that you will register your corporation in. If the kit will sit in a back office, the kit binder can be anything you want it to be including a vinyl binder.

There are also online resources that will not only furnish you with a corporate kit but also take care of all of the paperwork for incorporating in your state. It saves on the price of having a lawyer do the work. A word of advice: if you are setting up a corporation, at some point you will have to consult with a lawyer…we can virtually guarantee it! Therefore, it would be wise on your part to spend some money upfront and sit with a knowledgeable lawyer for an hour to ensure that a corporate structure is the best way for you to go. A second good reason to meet with a lawyer is that he or she can help you to avoid a few problems down the road.

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