About Us

Our focus at www.start-a-business-faq.com is on you, the entrepreneur who is about to start a business and those who have new businesses underway. We offer you quick-read advice from other talented entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. We offer you the information you need to start a business in tips, FAQs, bullet points, and how-to’s. We are also here to help those who have already launched a business and need to hone their marketing and management skills to meet their growth needs.

These pages are written and edited by business writers who have interviewed well over 12,000 entrepreneurs and executives from every type of business. These business men and women include online and traditional brick-and-mortar business owners, retailers, corporate executives from virtually all of the Fortune 100 companies, and small business owners. We have interviewed entrepreneurs who are way too young or way too old by conventional standards to start a business, yet, here they are.

We have interviewed entrepreneurs–geniuses, really–who were overnight successes. We have sat with entrepreneurs who made it big only to crash and burn and come back with another great idea and succeed. Mostly, we have written about business people–contractors, subcontractors, sales people, home-based businesses and many others–who had a vision and set about making it a profitable reality through careful attention to detail, hard work, and perseverance. We cannot say which of the aforementioned qualities are the most important, but we do know that those entrepreneurs with all of these qualities have gone on to succeed and enjoy the riches of their success. You can do that too.

We have interviewed entrepreneurs born and raised in the United States and we have interviewed those from around the world including entrepreneurs from India, China, Japan, Ghana, France, England, Ireland, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, New Guinea, and a host of other exciting places, who came to the U.S. to launch a business and make it big. Some of these people hardly speak English, but the language barrier was no barrier for them. These brave people wanted to make it here in the U.S. and they did. If you are from the United States or Britain or Ireland, can you imagine moving to Japan or Jakarta and opening a small business and climbing to the top with it in a very different culture?

This website–just like every new and ongoing business we have ever had the pleasure to visit and write about–is a work in progress. We add continually to these pages on an hourly basis almost around the clock so please bookmark us and come back often.

We hope you start a business of your own and that you are an overnight success. In case you are not quite an overnight success, we hope you develop the attention to detail, the hard work ethic, and the perseverance that you need to make it big. We wish for you the dream of every entrepreneur–freedom, control of one’s destiny, and financial success!