Want to Start a Business in Kansas? The State Has Great Resources to Help You


How to Start a Business in Kansas

Starting a business in Kansas?  Kansas wants to make it as easy as possible for you to start a business in the state. By clicking here, you can go to the Kansas Business Center webpage to find out everything you need to start and grow a business in Kansas and then thrive in this marvelous state.

The state has the  NetWork Kansas Referral Center that is free to would-be business people looking to start a business.  This center has the resources to help you grow your business further at all of its stages from a newbie business to one that needs to take that next step to profitability. There are also links here to the Kansas Small Business Development Center, SCORE(Service Core of Retired Executives), Entrepreneurial Legal Services Clinic at UMKC, the Patent and Trademark Center and a help center

1—What business would you like to be in?

2—Go to the Kansas Referral Center where you will find an incredible 500-plus public sector and private non-profit resources willing and able to help you with all areas of your new or growing business.  Call the Referral Center at (877)521-8600 or chat live with them on the website at the link above.

3—Get a business plan done. We call it your GPS to Success.  It can be a daunting process and there are many resources in the state of Kansas to help you. We suggest getting started with right now. Take out a pencil and writing pad and write down everything you can think of about your business that you want to start or grow. Just one page? That’s great! It’s your first business plan.  The Kansas Small Business Development Center will help you from there.

4—You need to figure out a business structure for doing business in Kansas. There is a special page on the state’s website to help you figure out what you need. We highly recommend that you hire a Kansas attorney or accountant to give you the pros and cons of each.

5—Choose a name for your business. Never use a name for your business in Kansas until you are sure it is available, i.e., that someone else is not already using that name. You need to check with the Kansas Secretary of State to search a name. Here again, a Kansas attorney can help you with this process.

6—You need to check with the Federal Trademarks office to make sure one the name you want to use. The Kansas Secretary of State has a terrific webpage right here to help you with this.

7—When you start or expand your business into other areas, you need to check for special licenses that you may need. At the Kansas Operating Your Business webpage, you can look for licenses that you may need, the state’s administrative regulations, you need to check with the Department of Labor, the Kansas Department of Revenue and as we mentioned above, the Kansas Secretary of State.
This is just a brief, overall outline. As you know from reading other sections in our website, you also need to have a federal and state employment ID numbers..

Get forms here to open a business in the state of Kansas.

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