Suntrust Offers Small Business Bank Accounts and Valuable Expertise on Starting a Business

SunTrust Banks, which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, offers a variety of accounts for new and established small and large businesses with a variety of accounts and advisors to boot. SunTrust Banks offers business checking accounts of various types, business savings accounts and cash management accounts including an online cash manager, an online Treasury manager, online bill paying, online courier and Quickbooks banking.

Regarding Quickbooks banking, if you are just starting out in a new business venture and it is your first time in business, consider using Quickbooks for your small business financial accounting and then find a bank like SunTrust Banks that is synced with Quickbooks. It is true that you can use Intuit’s Quicken software for a very small business and save a few dollars on the purchase of financial software. But the benefits that you will receive from being able to sync your bank accounts and Quickbooks are endless.

As a new small business owner, you have or shortly will have a lot on your plate and anything you can find to cut down on the number of hours you have to deal with any particular part of your business, the better.

SunTrust Banks bills itself as seamlessly integrating your bank accounts and your Quickbooks program. This will save you a tremendous about of time at you close out each quarter of your business and for year-end tax reports and filing.

Like other great banks, SunTrust Banks has a lot to offer in terms of expertise about successfully starting and running of your business. In fact, at this business start-up link, it offers a number of articles on starting and running the new business; it offers best practices from a wide variety of experts. If you read nothing else at this link, read the article on “Starting Your Small Business.” It tells you about creating a business plan (you have to do this without delay), getting funding, financial software, banking access, payroll and so much more. It has a bunch of experts willing and able to share expertise with you.

Here are some numbers to take down and use:

  • 800-752-2515 gets you to Business Customer Service
  • 800-SUNTRUST gets you to 24-hour automated assistance
  • 800-382-3232 will get you to the online cash manager, PC banking and bill paying

Jump to this link to find out more about getting a loan. There are business term loans, SBA loan options and commercial mortgages.

One other link we want to offer: as SunTrust Banks correctly points out, we small business owners have only a 50-50 shot of surviving five years or longer in business. It is tragic, but true! Here at this link the bank offers six really smart ways to reduce your expenses. Heed its advice!

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