Glossary of Terms
Duns Number
The Duns Number is a nine-digit number, an industry standard, that identifies and keeps track of businesses around the globe. The number is required by many organizations such as the U.S. federal government and many global industry and trade groups. A specific Dun and Bradstreet Number not only identifies a specific business, it also is used to access a database that details the name of the cmpany, the address, phone number, the line the business is in, number of employees, and other key details about the company.

If you want to compete for federal government contracts, for example, one of the first questions they will ask you is for your Dun Number.

You might ask, “If I don’t have one now, how do I get one?

It is quite simple.

The very first step you should take is to determine whether or not your company already has a Duns Number by doing a Duns Number lookup. Go to this website and type in your company name and address, then click next for a Duns Number search.

If your company does have a number, go to iUpdate to update your company information. If it turns out that the firm does not have a number, you have three options.

  1. By clicking ont the “get started” tab, you can get a Duns Number within 30 business days for free. If you are going after a government contract with a short deadline, you may have to pay for a number to get quicker action.
  2. If you purchase a D&B service, they will expedite the creation of your Duns Number. There is also the Duns File Creator that will get you a Duns Number in five days.
  3. If you plan to bid on government contracts or apply for grants, you can get a Duns Number for free within a few days. If you wish to do business with the government, you will need to complete a CCR or Government Contractor Registration. Registration is mandatory if you wish to do business with the government.

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