Huntington Bankshares for Business Banking

Huntington Bankshares, which is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and has been in that city since its founding in 1866, offers a wide variety of programs for small and large businesses and consumers. The bank has almost $73 billion in assets and is considered a regional bank holding company. As a […]

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How to Get a Tax ID Number

How Do I Get an EIN, Employer Identification Number? EIN or the Employer Identification Number is required when you start a new business. This is the number that the IRS uses to identify the business. There are various ways to apply for your Federal Tax Identification Number including online. The […]

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Business Partnership Agreement Template

The business partnership, the definition of which is two or more people sharing ownership in a single business, is quite similar to a sole proprietorship with similar benefits and drawbacks. It can be arranged with just a verbal okay, but it is highly recommended that you and your associates consult […]

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